Files & Parts : NovaSM3

the Files

I have made all of the project files available for download and use free of charge. The Github repository contains everything, including Code, 3D STL files, Wiring Diagrams, Parts List, and more. And I continue to post updated files to GitHub, as well as project video updates on YouTube – be sure to like, share, and subscribe, please & thank you, and happy building!


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the Parts

This exploded view was designed to assist you in the assembly of NovaSM3. So try it out and have a whirl around her body and get a feel for what is involved and where the parts go. The power of this view comes from the features that are offered. Check out a few key ones listed below that will be very helpful when modifying, assembling, and understanding Nova Spot Micro.

Courtesy of Jordan Letchford

  • Select a Part and then right-click on it will for additional options (useful for hiding parts)
  • Markup – Can annotate the current frame with all types of handy images and words to help get an idea across
  • Section Analysis – cut Nova down an axis and explore the inner works of her
  • Exploded Model – Explode Nova into all of her parts, right down to her bolts and nuts
  • Model Browser – find your desired part, click it and see exactly where it fits into Nova and in what orientation. Each part will have a drop-down list for its subparts and there is a search box at the top of the list, utilize that for a smooth experience. Once you are done, press ESC on the keyboard, and you are back to the start. 
  • Environment Change – Go to settings -> Environment. You can now change the color of the background and make the model pop in new ways. This can be useful before printing it or to just see highlights easier. 
  • Want the CAD models as a STEP – just click the link to the cad assembly files and you can download the files in an arrangement of file types from the top left of the screen. 

The links below are affiliate links, and will earn a few pennies towards the project without costing you anything additional. These are the exact parts I purchased and used for Nova, so while they may not be the cheapest find, the price, shipping, and availability suited me at the time of purchase.

Or if you’d like to directly support the project, you can donate via Paypal, for which Nova and I would be extremely appreciative!

the latest Nova v5.2 PCB is available at!

Teensy / Version 5.xx

Mega / Version 4.xx

Teensy / Version 5.xx

(1) 25″ XL Waterproof Protective Hard Case with Foam

(1) Teensy 4.0 (New MCU for Teensy circuit v5.x)
(1) Arduino Nano
(1) PS2 Receiver & Remote
(1) 12A DC-DC Step Down Buck Converter 4.5V-30V
(1) DC-DC Buck Boost Converter XL6009 5-32 V to 1.25-35 V
(1) Mini Digital DC Voltmeter
(1) ACS712 Current Sensor Module
(1) DIODE 1n4004
(1) 4.7k Resistor
(1) 1k Resistor
(1) Lighted Rocker Switch 12v
(1) XT 60 Plug & High Current Switch
(1) 11.1v 3S Lipo Pack
(1) 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver
(8) DS3218 20KG Full Metal Gear 270 Degree Digital Servo
(4) 7.4V 35KG High Torque/Speed Coreless Digital Servo
(12) 3-Pin Servo Extension Cable
(8) 8x16x5mm Ball Bearings
(12) 25T Aluminum Servo Arm Horn
(3) MH-SR602 PIR Motion Sensor Module
(4) WS2812B 5050 RGB LED
(2) HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module Distance Sensor
(1) GY-521 MPU-6050 3 Axis Accelerometer Gyroscope Module
(1) SSD1331 96X64 SPI OLED Display Module (New display used with Nano circuit v5.x)
(1) Piezo Buzzer (Old speaker used with Mega circuit v4.x)
(1) Mini MP3 Player & Speaker (New w/speaker used with Teensy circuit v5.x)
(1)DFPlayer Mini Pro MP3 Player (speaker not included)
(1) Push Button Switch
() 5.08mm Screw Connection PCB Terminal
(2) Small Double-Sided PCB Board
(1) Hatchbox Yellow PLA
(1) Hatchbox Black PLA
(1) Hatchbox Purple TPU
18AWG Silicone Wire
22AWG Hookup Wire
JST / Dupont Connector Kit
M3 M4 M5 M6 304 Stainless Steel Hex Cap Screws