Nova Updates!

Watch this page for the latest updates, news, and sneak peeks into Nova’s development!

  • Final STL Files!

    Many thanks and big should out to Jordan for all of his hard work making the CAD and STL files perfect! His assembly model is below, where you can browse the individual parts, look at sections or exploded views, and explore the components in detail. I have updated GitHub with the latest set of STL files – Thank you, Jordan!

  • Nova Remote Near Complete!

    I just have to finish the wiring and code, and thanks for Jordan’s help, we have a wonderful model of the remote to build from (and to admire its beauty in glorious 3D!) Fingers-crossed, the wiring should be complete this coming weekend, and the code shouldn’t take long from there! And here’s a page for the remote that will eventually contain all necessary build instructions and files : Nova Remote Control v1.0

  • Remote Control Prototype Design

    New Video update coming July 29th!

  • Nova Remote v1.0

    The remote is under way as you probably have seen by now. I am printing the second prototype version… just a little fatter, larger battery compartment, component holes, and so far 4 mounting / assembly holes for screws and threaded inserts. Watch for new pix coming soon!

  • PCB v5.2 Wiring

    hey all… here is the latest and greatest PCB wiring diagram, and a new video I just posted today, walking you through the diagram and JST connections on the PCB and supporting components.
  • PCBs Have Arrived! (v5.1)

    I will be making a video over the next couple days of all the wiring, from battery to board, along with each component and its wiring hardness(es). I will also solder up a new PCB and swap out the DIY boards for the pretty purple board and we can all cross our fingers together that it fires up without a hitch on camera!! 🙂

  • PCB Version 5.2 Coming Soon!

    I have made some updates to the PCB, and this time I will take care to fully complete it before releasing the gerber files. Here are some of the changes I’ve made since Version 5.1:

    • Added several new connectors for available pins and extra power outputs
    • Added board space to accommodate the 6.8v Terminal Block
    • Added voltage divider circuit
    • Added DIP switches for Nano Reset & Serial for uploading without removing Nano from PCB